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loss of appetite? nope, hasn't happened yet

I am wondering if it is possible that I will be the first cancer patient on chemo to gain weight? Yesterday I had the pleasure of not one but two darling duo sisters who stopped in for a quick visit and dropped off goodies to me. Yummy Ice cream at lunch time from a new place at the corner called the screamery [they picked bee's knees for me which is lavender swirled with local honey] and then a late afternoon visit from another couple of cuties that made me ginger cookies. While I am not complaining, at all, I mean who would, I probably need to snap back to my healthy eating, fight off cancer cells mode. It was a lovely birthday break which, who am I kidding, I will ride out through the weekend. The girls were cool with my bald head too, I offered to cover up to their moms since they have all seen me fairly recently with hair but both moms said no we already talked about it. You just gotta love kids!