I'm ok, you?

sorry friends, you have all been so supportive of me. I hadn’t thought about keeping this blog up, actually I never thought it would go as long as it has! I realize now [because I have gotten so many calls and texts of late] that the folks that don’t get to see me might be worried because they haven’t heard from me in awhile.

I have been feeling better and am back to life as usual. Wish I could say I had no aches or pains, but they have definitely subsided and I am not complaining [unless of course you ask, then I will oblige]

I go back to the doctor at the end of the month . . . and I will get back to you with the good news. I am not worried, I feel good and my body is healing from the trauma of chemo.

I even went for my first haircut yesterday!

I hope you all are enjoying your spring. We have been busy doing all the traveling that I couldn’t do last summer. I went to Durango with friends, then to see Dana and Jake in northern California [and snuck in a fun visit with cheryl, a college roomie] I am headed to Florida next week for my parents 60th, yes sixtieth wedding anniversary. Although the traveling is tough on my bod, spending quality time with family and friends makes it all worth it.

be back in may, until then have fun and listen to your body! xoxo

becker pile up
2019 beckers4_SF bay_dana jake on boat.jpg