opening my heART

You may have heard me say I am probably not going to do another solo art show again. Well a year and a half ago I said that I would, and that time is now. Of course the timing is lousy but it has pushed me to get off my sofa and figure out what I was going to put in the show. This is not all new work [and that is why I said yes to it] but I do have a couple new pieces. It has been nice to be painting even if it was only for short intervals because of fatigue or dizziness. The image in the promo is rather large, don't ask. Friends said wouldn't it be easier to paint something small, even lap size? no doubt . . . not sure why I didn't think of that.

I rarely paint with teal, I usually move towards a more turquoisy or yellowy color but that green kept moving into my palate so I decided to go with it. I figured that I must need to just get ovarian cancer out of my mind and my system so maybe this life size challenge will help me do it. 

So anyhow, I have been laboring away this labor day weekend and in the evening going to dinner parties which has been lovely. I am still pretty damn tired all the time but trying as hard as I might to get back to my normal life. I basically just need to take a lot of breaks to sit down [dizzy] and rest [legs still hurt] and catch my breath [my lung capacity sucks!] 

So glad it's September and I am feeling better than I was [and glad to have August behind me]. Starting to feel a little cool air in the mornings and evenings and that is enough to make any Arizonian happy!

Hope you all are having a good weekend and enjoying this day off! Come up and see me next friday if you are around!