3 weeks out

I can tell from the amount of texts and calls that I have been getting that my curious peeps out there are wondering how I am doing. I guess I haven't written because I was hoping to say everything was back to normal when I wrote back to you and I have just learned that might be a little while yet.

Tuesday I had a follow up visit with my oncologist. As I sat in the waiting room happy about being done, seeing some of my infusion neighbors made that hard knowing that for some, this chemo crap continues on.  I had my blood work done and then some more waiting around for my turn with the doctor.  We discussed how I am feeling [not great, still fatigue easily, still pain but now mostly in my legs] Luckily the nausea seems to have passed for the most part and just have some lightheadedness left. She thought I was doing very well, and explained that the timeline in my bald little head might be a little off. Turns out it may take months [possibly up to six of them to feel as I did before all this started]

I have been going for blood work every week since my surgery and so we discussed those results and fluctuations. She was concerned that my tumor markers were still too high for having gone through surgery and chemo and she wants to see me back in a month instead of three. She ordered a CT scan which I had done on thursday but still don't have the results. This blood test is the one screening we have for ovarian cancer and the one that I told you was so unreliable, so we were trying not to worry. In the meantime, after much reading and listening to podcasts about cancer and diet, I had cut meat out of my diet. I am not cooking it at home and so we are eating mostly plant proteins and just trying to be healthier in general. [have not cut out fish or eggs but are going easy] The good news in all of this is that the results from this weeks CA-125 [tumor markers] test came back and my levels finally dropped! So we are all very happy. Was it the vegetarian diet? Of course I can't be certain, but there is a lot of evidence to say that animal proteins feed cancer cells so I myself and not going to question or take any chances at this point in my life. Plus I am finding that coming up with complete vegetarian meals is interesting and tasty. I have also learned that plants do have protein and there is too much hype about how much protein one needs in a day. Dave even says he feels better, lighter and has more energy. I can't really judge that for myself right now but I am eating well and looking forward to having more energy, sooooonnn!

I was given the go ahead to do whatever I feel I can, soooo this weekend I helped throw/went to my first party. It was to celebrate a good friends birthday, it was suppose to be a happy hour but went on for many hours, I didn't crawl into bed until 12:30, which I would have considered very late even in my healthiest of days. Saturday I did not move from the couch and I am back there now writing to you. [but it was worth it!]

so although the week started out with some unknown stressors, it has ended with some relief with the tumor markers going down and my red and white blood cells in normal range finally. So it is good news all around, I just have to CONTINUE to be patient! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

here I am friday night as a 40 something year old blonde!

here I am friday night as a 40 something year old blonde!