to exercise or not to exercise

After abdominal surgery you are told to not exercise hard for 8 weeks [not a problem as I have never exercised hard in my life] but they do want you to walk. Having surgery in the summer in Arizona is limiting in terms of when and where you would want to walk. In the beginning walking from the couch to the bathroom seemed good to me.

My in house doctor didn't feel that was enough and has been on me to step it up [get it?] I really have had a lot of good excuses not to and so I just haven't, but this weekend I started to actually feel pretty good. My mouth sores have calmed and the rash has died down so Friday we walked around the art museum [great air conditioning] Saturday I jumped in the pool and kicked around a bit and on Sunday I walked on the treadmill for a little. Today is Monday. On Monday's I usually go to yoga. I haven't gone for 2 months now. Knowing that I start all over again with chemo on Tuesday part of me says why bother. The smarter part of me says why not. My favorite teacher is back in town and I have missed yoga so very much. The smarter part of me really is smarter because even if I can't get back to practice for awhile I am so very glad I went. It was hard for me, I didn't do great but I am glad I went. I like to think it will make tomorrow easier.