wait, what!

Wait, what, how can you have ovarian cancer??? You exercise, you go to yoga, you eat healthy, you're a good person, you're married to a doctor! [I know right, that should count for something, LOL]

Some people say I am so sorry, I had no idea, My response to them is no need to be sorry, I had no idea either! You could have seen me in May and neither of us would have had any idea! 

I guess I am here to say cancer doesn't care who you are, where you live or what you do. I am still going to go back to living the same way I have always lived because I believe it has saved my life from a worse diagnosis and will help me recover more easily. 

So listen to your body and do take care of yourself, and If you are like me and avoid going to the doctor, DON't bE SO sTuPiD!

[Especially, if you aren't married to a doctor who knows his anatomy, and knows when to make you go see an internist for a CAT scan. Seriously folks, listen to your body, don't put this stuff off! ]