in sickness and in health, I love this guy!

I know not everyone is married to a doctor; I also know that not every doctor is as smart as my husband is. David happens to like diagnostics, he likes solving problems and figuring out unusual issues. Many people have benefited from his extracurricular doctor-detective solving skills, he has even saved lives.

When mentioning being bloated to this guy his solution was to go buy new pants. Yet when I asked him if my appendix was in my lower left quadrant he wanted to know why [it isn't] I told him I was having some pain after I ate.  His mind was off to the races, I was told to lie down on the hard floor [really, I can't lie on the sofa? nope] He completed a palpation of the area and then he was back to his office. He comes back with a visual, which were the photographs of my colonoscopy. Of course the only area not photographed is the area that is causing me pain, but he thinks my symptoms sound like diverticulitis.

Call for an appointment NOW. [he was very adamant] Do not wait. You need a CAT scan . . .find out what is going on.

I know these last 7 weeks haven't been easy on you, giving me painful shots everyday for a month, watching me deal with new chemo side effects as they pop up and just generally having to jump into roles at home that you are not used to. All without complaint [the real miracle here, LOL]

So thank you Doc Dave! I know when you are married for 32 years [TODAY!] you can never say I love you and thank you enough, but I hope you know that I do love you [very much] and do I thank you, YOU most likely saved my life with your speedy response and networking to get me taken care of so quickly.  

Happy Anniversary to you, I couldn't be happier today to have met and married you all those years ago! 💋


[fun fact: we are celebrating 32 years of marriage this weekend and have been very lucky in sickness, in that we have had very little of that in our time. David has stepped up and been great these last 6 weeks, just as you all imagined he would be . . . Again see how lucky I am!]