I have always been a very lucky

I have always been very lucky.

Right now you might be thinking “How can you feel lucky Sara, when you have ovarian cancer?”. 

Two months ago I knew absolutely nothing about ovarian cancer. All I've ever heard about is breast cancer, the favorite cancer, the one that men are willing to throw some money into finding a cure for. I mean, let's face it, breasts are beautiful. Everyone knows that breast cancer even has a color. Actually, ovarian cancer has a color too: it’s teal, but no one really knows that, or even about ovarian cancer itself. We don't know it's color or that there are no screening tests to detect it. Every year around 15,000 women in the US die from ovarian cancer because it goes undetected for too long, until it has spread too far, until it's too late.

I am lucky because I am one of the 15% of women who caught it early. 

Have I told you there are no screening tests?