things I did today

took a bunch of pills and powders

wasn't recognized by my yard guy of 20 years [I guess it's true we all look alike]

painted until I was tired [not very long]

rested and read about neuropathy and why my fingers and toes are still tingly/prickily and painful [answer: chemo]


face timed with a far away friend :-)

painted a little more

rested and snacked [did I tell you crying is back]

read some more, this time about why my legs still hurt [answer: chemo]

laying here thinking about soaking in the pool before dinner if I can get up the energy. I Invited Jake over for dinner. He is moving to California soon to start his doctorate program in psychology and so I want to cook while I can. I know I won't feel like cooking after my next round of chemo so I don't want him to leave town without a home cooked meal! [Next chemo is tuesday the 31st and is said to be the last one, so yay for that]


Nope, Dana isn't still here, she was really only here for 48 hours but I thought I would share this picture with you.