birthday hangover of a different kind

Yesterday I turned 56, which seems surreal because I don't feel like I am that old, [although today I kinda do] I actually had a really nice day considering that I had my chemo treatment the day before. Today I feel light headed, foggy and I am a bit dizzy but nothing too debilitating. For my birthday yesterday I had a friend visit me in the morning, another bring and stay for lunch and then Dave and Jake came by in the early afternoon. In between visitors, I was on FaceTime with friends and family in foreign lands, talking on the phone and texting with friends and family near and far. Everyone [my mom] said don't worry, next year your bday will be better and I was thinking, so far this one has been pretty nice. I heard from so many people [thank you!!!] and I felt so loved, it really wasn't bad at all. I even mustered up the strength to go out for sushi last night knowing that I may not have the energy to get out of the house for awhile. While it would not have been a top choice as to how to spend my birthday, it really was nice to hear from so many people that I love. So even if though I am starting this year in a fog I am looking forward to clear skies ahead and I thank you all for coming along on this journey and cheering me on.