chemo [round 2]

I am home from my chemo shesh. I went a bit longer than the last time because we had to wait for my labs to come back to start the infusion. [They had to draw blood a second time to get more blood] I will have you know that my labs were great. "I got all A's" [results were in normal range] and that's a good thing because the women next to me got sent home because her white blood cell count was off and that is a drag.

There is not much to say about today because all I did was sit in a chair with a needle in my arm and lots of bags of drugs [and not the good kind] hanging from a pole dripping into me. I will say that having friends and family that step up in times like this is so nice. My appointment was at 8am and I got a ride, {I had soooo many offers and I thank you all!}  sit with you when you are having uncomfortable things done to you [and are happy to leave when you ask them to nicely] bring you lunch when you are hungry [I could get used to this] Dave came after work and sat with me in the afternoon and then drove me home. I put in a 7 and half hour day today, not too shabby.

How do I feel? inquiring minds want to know. Well, I am tired, I feel a bit dizzy/lightheaded, I have the beginnings of a headache. I feel like my body is in slow mo mode. Now I know there are people out there that purposely put weights on their wrists and feet to build muscles. [I am not one of them] Chemo has a way of virtually putting weights on your hands and feet making them harder to lift, it is a crazy feeling. I am pretty sure it doesn't make you stronger either, quite the opposite! So now I am going into the known/unknown side effects. I will battle some of the bad ones preemptively with meds so maybe it won't be as bad as everyone who has been through this before says its going to be. I will try and keep you posted when I can. Love to you all!