surgery and mom's

Surgery went well, Dr Willmott cleared everything out of there. Unfortunately, the cancer was the invasive kind and it was on the outside of the ovary and some neoplasm was in the pelvic wash. Thankfully, none had spread anywhere else, so that makes me a very lucky girl.

[fun fact: I am now am included in the only 15% of ovarian cancer patients who catch it early statistic!]

I was in the hospital until Wednesday; I couldn't wait to go home so no one would wake me in the middle of the night to give me shots and ask me how I was feeling.

My mom came in on Tuesday to help out. The first week was tough but the surgery recovery got better each day.  My mom really wanted to come out to help me, I was resisting because I am not a fan of having people around when I don't feel well, even my mom. I know, I know, At my age, I am very lucky to have such a young and healthy mom who is willing and able to jump on a plane to come lie around with me. When I thought of all of my friends who would have done anything to have that opportunity I relented, and I am glad I did. Although I didn't really need any help [except with my socks that day] it was really nice to hang out and watch TV and catch up---so thanks mom, I LOVE YOU! [since you may be the only one that reads this ;-)]