no hair no care!

Everyone seemed to think losing my hair was going to be the hardest; they were concerned for me. Wigs, scarves, hats, what's it going to be? . . . I guess it was hard at first but I gotta say being the glass half full kind of gal that I am, it's been my favorite part. [Actually, connecting with friends has been my favorite, but no hair in the Arizona summer is a def second!]

the positive side to having no hair:

hair doesn't get caught in glasses when i put them on my head

saving time and money on the coloring and cutting of your hair is great

the cool breeze you feel when the fan rotates over your head

save water! no hair results in shorter showers

need less shampoo and conditioner

nothing to hold back when you need to throw up

you can cool down really fast through your head

no worries about chlorine damaging your hair!