hellooo, did you forget me?

Like I said before, we waited a long time at the doctor's office and when we were finally with Dr. Willmott she was spent a lot of time with us.  She explained to me what ovarian cancer was and what she was going to be doing in the surgery etc., All the while my darling daughter Dana had flown in early to spend some time with us before going to Sedona with her girlfriends for a bachelorette party. [planned trip] It was all such a blur that we forgot to pick her up at the airport. We hadn’t told her I was going to the doctor because we didn’t really know what was going on yet and did not want to worry her needlessly if it wasn’t anything. So Dave ran and picked her up while I finished up with the doctor. After blood work, they picked me up and then we met Jake for lunch. If you are imagining a morbid or sad lunch, then you don't know my little family, it was a lunch like any other, with lots of laughing and catching up. As we were leaving though, I asked whether either had any questions or wanted to talk about what's going on with me. They were like, nope, we're good, dad told us .  .  .  As you can imagine, it was so nice to have both kids in town and to have Dana extend her stay until the next Wednesday so she could be with Dave and Jake for the surgery and me for a day or two after. Jake was right there with her. He took the day off work and spent the day at the hospital during the surgery on Monday and then came to visit me afterwards. It was nice having the family together even though I would’ve preferred much different circumstances!

[I have to admit a cried a bit when they left the hospital talking and were laughing and I didn't get to go with them]