dr, dr give me the news

I went to the internist on Monday, May 14th and tell her my symptoms and she thinks that I have diverticulitis as well and sends me for a CAT scan. All I can think is oh no but I love popcorn! (so there is a silver lining here) The lab has a cancellation that afternoon so I get right in Monday afternoon.

My internist calls the next day with the results and I can tell from her voice on the phone that it’s not going to be good. The good news is I don’t have diverticulitis (yay popcorn), the bad news is that there is a large mass. Next I call my gynecologist. I had just been in to see her on April 10. Dave has steam coming out of his ears. How could I have that large of a mass and she couldn’t feel it 5 weeks before. She didn’t return the call within five seconds and so Dave called a gynecological oncologist that he knows who wasn’t able to fit me in immediately but had a colleague who could.

So now it’s Wednesday and I’m going to see Lyndsay Willmott Md, who is a gynecological oncologist. After a long wait, which we mortals are used to but Doc Dave is not, we finally get in to see the doctor, she reviews my CAT scan and says that it is possible that the the mass is a fibroid cyst but she feels that it is my ovary and that it is cancerous. We will need to have an MRI to to gather more information.  (ovaries are normally the size of an almond, who knew ) Either way it needs to be removed ASAP. She spent a lot of time explaining everything to me. Most of that is a blur but I remember her being very nice and asking me if I had any questions. I didn't have any because it never occurred to me that I had cancer!

So now it is Thursday, and I get lucky again with cancellations. I am able to get set up for an MRI. (I needed another CAT scan of my lungs for another issue- but that came back fine. If you have lived in Arizona for any length of time you probably have some nodules on your lungs too because of valley fever ) Surgery is set for Monday morning May 21st, 2018!  

(ladies if you’re ever having a suspicious cyst or mass removed please go to a gynecological oncologist and not your regular gyn who can also do the same surgery because oncologists really know what to look for and you really don’t want to take any chances, just in case it is cancer)