be aware, very aware!

Awareness of symptoms is most important for early detection of OVC. This makes treatment more successful. If you experience any of these symptoms persistently, please discuss them with your doctor, or me!

abdominal bloating or swelling that persists

pain in the abdomen or pelvis  [my pain was only at the end]

lack of appetite [this has never happened in my life!]

difficulty in eating/feeling full quickly  [this was not an issue with me] 

feeling an urgent need to urinate [never urgent, often always]

change in your normal bowel habits  (wasn't really an issue . . . constipation or diarrhea)

change in menstrual periods [had a hysterectomy in 2011]

vaginal bleeding between periods

back pain [I had none]

weight gain or loss [I gained 5lbs which shouldn't have made my pants so tight]