I finally wish there was a test I could take!

Why on earth did I know so little about ovarian cancer and its symptoms before? This when I was getting regular check ups and mammograms. What the hell was I thinking not relating the symptoms of this most aggressive of all women's cancers? I spent at least a  month ignoring symptoms, self-treating, and bearing with what seemed like run-of-the-mill episodes of bloating, indigestion and general uncomfortableness. I was online looking for foods that don't cause gas, I took gas-x . . . 

Well one major surgery later and in the middle of chemotherapy treatment on the eve of my 56th year, I would like to help break the silence on ovarian cancer. The primary reason why OVC almost always gets diagnosed late is because women haven't been taught to identify the symptoms. The symptoms are so generic and unrelated that even doctors miss out on pinpointing the real cause.

ALL women are at risk

there are NO screening tests

AWARENESS of symptoms is most important for early detection of OVC