great news!

Since I can’t remember who I have told about this, I will just let you all know the good news. This morning I went for a lung biopsy. I have had a few CT scans of my chest because they were watching some nodules that have been there since all this started. After the last one, when chemo was already finished, a new nodule had appeared. Normally, BC [before cancer] it would be something we would have just watched, but everyone involved thought we should get it checked out and catch it small since there was a pretty high percentage it could be cancerous because of the primary ovarian cancer.

So they told me to be there at 6:30 for a 9 am biopsy. That sounded ridiculous so I told Dave I needed to be there at 7am. By the time I saw the doctor and they gave me the anesthesia it was almost 11am. They put me in the CT scanner to locate the nodule so they could do the needle biopsy and he couldn’t find it! That is the good news! I didn’t have to have the biopsy, instead I will just have to go for another CT scan down the road to make sure I am still all clear there. So besides too many pokes in my arms to draw blood and get the IV in, I am good to go. YAY! [dave actually ended up putting the IV in after watching them try a few times]

A lot of people have been asking about my painting and if I was back at it. The answer is yes, I am trying. I think as the months go on it will get easier. I do love to be in my studio. In the meantime, I took down my art show and am trying to sell off some paintings. So I set up a web page if anyone is interested, discounting everything. If you find something you like, you can make me an offer, I would prefer one of you had them so that I don’t paint over them!

or just contact me about commissions or possible holiday gifts :-)

all good, just drugs no biopsy!

all good, just drugs no biopsy!