I love to paint!

Sara Reinstein Becker

I love painting. Being an artist has been a unexpected journey for me, one where my work seems to have a life of it's own. With the barrage of digital information coming at us so quickly, the process of painting and choosing what I want to see has been refreshing for me. With color I can create space, I can create emotion. That is where I begin and then eventually imagery starts to emerge.

As an intuitive painter I have to build up and take down layers of paint before I unearth something that feels right.  The interplay of translucent color, light, and texture infuse my paintings with an energy and mood that changes with he quality of light it is viewed in. I begin by applying thin layers of acrylic paint to the canvas or board, adding texture, scraping and sanding the paint, dissolving areas and then rebuilding them with varying levels as I construct the painting. The removing process is as important as the layering, and this tension is eventually transformed into a peaceful and subtle mix of texture and color. I strive to accomplish a feeling of serenity as I paint, which I hope to convey to the viewer in turn. My painting process is a time consuming one, but it enables me to achieve a luminosity and depth of color that would otherwise be impossible.

Painting is a way for me to express myself. It allows me the freedom to be playful or serious—whatever emotion that I wish to express at a given moment. My desire is for the paint to flow effortlessly, clearing my mind while I work. Serenity and simplicity are my primary goals.  A graphic designer by trade, my art plays with proportion and composition, bringing my design sense together with the expressiveness of the paints I use.

I love to discover beauty,

I love to paint.

I found i could say things with color and shapes that i couldn't say any other way . . . things i had no words for.         -georgia o'keeffe